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Welcome To Hayicart. It’s been around one year since we started our journey as an online e-commerce platform which was a one man army with no supporters or other workers. One of our friends shown interest in my venture and then he joined with me after few months. It was really hardships and failures for two months with no sales. It took four months for us to get our first order. But there was many issues we faced relating to our website.

But now, even with all these failures and struggles, HAYICART is all set to restart its journey on E – Commerce world with full power. All issues are being fixed and made our website more secure and user friendly. We are seeking your full support and help for our future well being and success.

Thank you.

December 2018
We Started Our Journey As An Online Marketplace
January 2019
October 2019
We Are Back With More Secure And User Friendly Interface

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